Sleep Test

sleep study

The SleepHealth Clinic provides the Clinic Site Home-based Sleep Test at Auburn Road Medical Centre on

Thursday 9:00am to 5:00pm

Fee Schedule

Bulked Billed: Patients have to get the Pre-Screen questionnaire to be completed (STOP BANG, OSA-50 and ESS) and criteria score for each section met under Medicare for the test

Or else: the patients will have to pay the Full Cost to do the test if they still want to go ahead

What is a Clinic Site Home-based Sleep Test?

A clinic site home based sleep test requires the consultation and sleep study setup to be conducted face to face with one of our sleep study clinicians. During the consultation, the sleep clinician will demonstrate to the patient how to attach all sensors to the face and body in order to record all signal activity during the night such as brain wave activity, breathing, snoring, heart rate, oxygen levels and body movement. The sleep clinician will also be available on the night to assist with any technical issues if such should arise.

What do I need to prepare?

Before your sleep study, it is recommended that you remove any make-up, jewelry (including rings and watches) and nail polish before sensors are applied, as these may interfere with signal quality. All information regarding your appointment will be provided to you via email confirmation and during your initial consultation. Any further questions regarding your study can be directed to 1300 800 357 during office hours.

What happens after the study?

A report of your results will be available within 2-3 weeks. Please contact The SleepHealth Clinic for a follow up appointment.